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Wedding photographer, based in Greece, available for travel.

My aim is to immortalize the exquisite in-between moments that weave the tapestry of your unique love story, capturing the beauty that makes it truly extraordinary.

Greece Wedding Photographer

Embark on a journey of love against the enchanting backdrop of Greece with our passionate wedding photography services. At Amazing Moments studio, we specialize in capturing love stories infused with the rich history, crystal-clear waters, and sunlit landscapes that make Greece a dream wedding destination.

Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by the allure of ancient history, the embrace of Mediterranean breezes, and the warmth of genuine Greek hospitality. As former event photojournalists, we craft a storytelling approach that captures authentic moments, reflecting the true essence of your love and connections with family and friends.

Why choose Greece for your wedding?

The idyllic weather, historic charm, and inviting atmosphere create a picturesque setting. From the vibrant energy of the Greek islands to the ancient ruins and delectable cuisine, Greece offers the perfect canvas for your love story.

At Amazing Moments studio, we understand the excitement of choosing such a stunning backdrop for your special day. Our commitment is to not only preserve the beauty but also the genuine essence of your love story. We seamlessly blend into the background, ensuring every detail, from the invitation suite to the parting gifts, is meticulously documented.

Our personalized approach begins with getting to know you and understanding what makes your partner special. We engage with your loved ones, seeking out those unique moments that make your wedding truly yours. Whether capturing the laughter of a reserved aunt or the proud expressions of your best man, we are committed to telling your story through images that evoke emotions.

What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on overcoming challenges, making camera-shy friends feel at ease, and navigating family dynamics with grace. With our experience, we bring practiced skills to handle diverse personalities, ensuring your wedding day unfolds seamlessly.

The Heirloom hunt

As the final dance concludes, your wedding day may come to an end, but the memories will live on through the romantic photographs we capture. Collaborate with us to create a timeless wedding album—a cherished heirloom that tells the story of your love for generations to come.

If you envision your wedding as a celebration of beauty, intelligence, sophistication, and joy in the stunning landscapes of Greece, look no further. Our superpower lies in instinctively capturing the best version of everyone present, ensuring every image reflects the unique beauty of your Greek wedding.

Ready to turn your dream Greek wedding into a timeless visual masterpiece?

Contact Amazing Moments studio today. Whether by phone, email, or any other means, we are here to listen, to hear your story, and to be the ones who help you preserve the most romantic moments of your special day.

Let love unfold against the backdrop of Greece, beautifully captured by Amazing Moments studio.

Love Notes From My Clients
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Lilly & Vincent

One of the most beautiful moments of our lives was captured by our excellent photographer Alki. Thank you for the beautiful photos and the wonderful album you created so that we can live that day on every page☺️

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Photography with heart and soul is a visual art that weaves countless stories and meanings within a single frame. The magic lies in the eyes of the beholder, as each viewer brings their unique perspective and attention to unravel the poetic narratives captured in the image.