Wedding Photography Packages Price

Before we say anything about wedding photography prices it is good to mention some basic things about this unforgettable experience.

Wedding ceremonies are essentially a collection of happy life moments that every person wants to remember. Thus, a well-organized album and documentation of these events are important, if you wish to remember or even share these colorful moments of life with others in the future. From this vast budget needed for a wedding ceremony, you have to consider putting aside a small amount, since our photography studio provides the best and most affordable wedding and christening package rates, always in terms of quality.

To help you reduce the extra cost related to these special events, our photography studio offers lower and competitive wedding photography prices, according to the package of your choice. We are certain that you are looking for a wedding photography company with the best reputation, professionalism, availability, and credibility; qualities that keep our photography studio on top.



Invest in Memories!


Select one or more Photography Services
Select one or more Video Services

Your custom package with the services you have selected includes:


Family Portraits & Photo of the newlyweds

High resolution (HD) digital photo files

USB with edited video and video clip

Certification of the authenticity of your photo albums


In any package you choose:

  • Delivery of all photo and video files on usb-stick
  • Video Trailer 2-4 minutes with music cladding & 1 20-25 minute video with music cladding, natural sound.
  • Delivery of Photo Material within 40 – 60 days
  • The “Next Day” gift offered on offer will be made within 1 month of the wedding date.


Wedding Photography Offers

Wedding photography offers vary greatly from city to city for several reasons.

Each city charges wedding photography prices differently. Don’t forget that it’s only normal that our studio’s professional photographers are charging prices higher, in comparison to an amateur photographer. Wedding photography prices are always dependent on the photographer’s professional experience, the reviews of couples which are based on the outcome of the work, commitment and collaboration with professional photographers, among many other factors.

Our photography studio has unique offers to suit you better. For appropriate wedding photography, the bride and the groom need to decide which aspects of their wedding shooting would like to cover. For example, key issues that you need to consider are the number of guests, the number of photographers and videographers, the next day choice, the pre-wedding choice and travel costs.

So, the couples need to understand what the package of their choice includes, to prevent disappointments on their wedding day.


Pre-wedding Photography – Groom and Bride Preparation Photography

Pre-wedding photography, allows the couples to visit a specific venue so that they can have professional photos at their disposal before their ceremony. This takes place a few months before the formal wedding ceremony and couples wear their wedding outfits during the photo shooting. Also, pre-wedding photography will give us plenty of time to get to know each other and achieve much better results during the formal wedding ceremony.

Pre-wedding photography is really important since, in most cases, these photos are used for the design of wedding invitation cards. Choosing the best locations will help you achieve a great image. Some of the best locations to consider for your pre-wedding photography are seasides, parks, and gardens, roads, buildings and hotels, vacation hot spots or, your scheduled wedding venue location.


Wedding Photography Prices Ceremony

Wedding photography prices in Athens and other cities may vary, according to the amount of coverage you would like and the location of your wedding ceremony. Factors that determine the prices of wedding photography in Athens are, for the most part, relevant to the type of the package, for example:

  • l  Would you like photography coverage only or both photography and videography coverage?
  • l  How many hours of coverage would you like?

Another factor is the number of photographers at your wedding ceremony.

Wedding photography prices depend entirely on the package that you choose for your ceremony.

The basic wedding photography package is the cheapest and the most affordable one. Problem is, it may lacking in the aspect of videography, whereas the full package is usually a bit more expensive, but covers all needs of photography and videography for your ceremony.

Wedding Photography Reception Prices

Wedding receptions always act as social meeting places, where relatives and friends have the opportunity to celebrate the newlyweds. These receptions are full of entertaining activities, such as dancing, which most of the times leaves guests unsatisfied because they always crave for more. When friends and family are happy, that means the reception is successful and for that reason, it’s worthwhile documenting it, whether in the form of pictures or the form of a video shoot. Therefore, our photographers and videographers capture these amazing moments, using light management tools, tripods, and modifiers that help in the creation of beautiful and unforgettable surroundings. Videography is an integral part of a wedding story since most wedding receptions begin with a big entrance.



When it comes to photography, we find unique and interesting angles for the couples or the family during the wedding dance. It is also important for us, to take snapshots of the couple’s reactions during the speeches.

Our photographers and videographers have been prepared and have planned everything for the shooting of the cake cutting. Far attention is also being paid to another exceptional capture; the group reaction when the bride tosses the wedding bouquet. Finally, our photographers and videographers always make sure to capture the couple’s big entrance from the reception.

Next day Wedding Photography

One day after the formal ceremony or any other day, most couples choose to get together once again with the wedding photographer for a photo shooting. This helps the bride and groom to relieve the wedding stress but it’s also an opportunity to pose for unique shots since there will no longer be this huge crowd to surround them. Remember, the next day wedding photography doesn’t have to take place the exact following day after the wedding; many couples decide to do it on their first anniversary, or even their honeymoon.

It’s important to know that, you can express yourself freely at the next day wedding photography, choose your favorite location, a time of the day to do it in, or a specific theme that you like.



We hope this article has given you a clear overview of wedding photography prices that you have to take into consideration when planning your wedding. Wedding photography is an important aspect, that most couples tend to overlook when the budget is set. Finally, we have to mention that, the absence of a photographer can soon create a huge problem since there won’t be enough time and availability.

The team of Amazing Moments Studio wishes you all the best for your wedding ceremony!