Christening Photographer – Prices

Like every new couple who is having a child for the first time, you are proud of your newborn baby. You want to show the whole world this new creature, which along the way will contribute to the formation of the world. Don’t forget that this is one of the most important days for you and your baby. There are some things you need to consider when choosing your Christening Photography Package and the prices for the Christening Photographer, as detailed below.
Basic Christening Photography Package
2 Photographers & 1 Videographer
Family Picture After Ceremony.
Reception (1 Hour)

In any package you choose:

  1. Delivery of all photo and video files on usb-stick
  2. Video Trailer 2-4 minutes with music cladding & 1 20-25 minute video with music cladding, natural sound.
  3. Delivery of Photo Material within 40 – 60 days
  4. The “After Shooting” gift offered on offer will be made within 1 month of the wedding date.

A few words about offers on christening packages in Athens

You should consider more things when choosing the right package than just checking its price and everything included in it. You have to consider how you want your baby’s unique day to be captured and how you want to remember it. Digital images have to be included in the packages, and we will be present at the ceremony to capture every single moment. You have to ensure that all the services that we are going to provide during the ceremony are approved by the church, including flash photography.

Christening Photography Package Offers according to your needs

When you present your baby before God, you have to know how you want this special event to evolve and what kind of details are needed. At the christening photography, you will need us to properly capture the moment when your child learns and hears its baptismal name for the first time, a moment which will stay with it for a lifetime.

Christening Digital Album Prices

There will be shots dedicated to you, and shots focused on this amazing moment between your baby and God. Our photographers will create your baby’s album and each page will portray something new and magical. Normally, prices vary for a digital photo album, depending on the number of copies and its size. If you want a photography coverage of the reception after the ceremony, the price will go up and travel expenses might be included as well, depending on the location of the photography.Digital albums are highly recommended when you are looking for a package that includes them. It’s the perfect way to document this special day and ensure that these memories will never get lost. You can store the images in a cloud online or transfer them to a website, so as not to lose them in a fire or the stacks of old photo albums. The albums will be available after a few basic touch-ups. 

Φανταστείτε Τη Βάπτιση

It’s your baby’s special day. And to make it special even more, it has to be reflected in such a way as to capture properly your baby’s first interaction with the Christian community. The right photographer can help you organize everything. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. Be ready to answer any questions on how you envision your ceremony through the shots that we are going to capture. Christening digital photo albums are highly recommended nowadays.

Christening Reception Photography

During this magical event, your baby will be the center of attention as the youngest member of the family. We promise to capture shots, that will depict a mixture of emotions. These emotions will leave a lasting impression while your baby interacts with the family, friends and other people who take part in this event. Reception photography is charged extra, but it’s worthwhile capturing your baby’s moments of joy and surprise while it interacts with the guests. You have to schedule the reception properly to celebrate this moment for your baby, and photos play a major role, making this day an unforgettable experience. A christening reception is a place where family and friends meet and focus especially on the baby. 
It is our hope that our website gave you a clear picture of the christening photography prices ​​that you should consider when planning your christening. Baptism photography is an important aspect of baptism that the majority of couples tend to forget about and not pay attention to when drafting their budget. Lastly, it is important to note that skipping to book a photographer early can create a big problem as there is not enough time and availability.

Amazing Moments Studio’s team wishes you all the best for your baby’s Christening!